Only a demon could love the man made from metal (flash fiction)

    Fluorescent flowers blossom from the metallic man’s throat and cascade over the dance floor, exploding into blue fireworks and purple lightning and blazing bursts of scarlet stars. He’s arm in arm with a radiant succubus, a pale girl with eyes the color of freshly spilled blood on a hospital napkin. The pair spin together, faster and faster and faster, sapphire flames flaring with every tender touch.

     “Forever and always?” He asks the demon.

     “Forever and always.” She replies and kisses him. They look into each other’s eyes and she opens her mouth, as if to offer another proclamation of love. But a vile horsefly crawls from her throat, latches itself to the metallic man’s neck, and slides a piercing black tubule into his spine. The metallic man looks back at the girl with an expression of shock and betrayal. She smiles at him, ignoring the filthy insect affixed to his throat. He impales the fly on a fingerblade and flicks it away. The gorgeous girl holds the metallic man lovingly. Then dozens of the horseflies emerge and begin a feeding frenzy.  

     As the flies inhale the metallic man’s marrow, they swell to the size of ravens. He staggers cross the dance floor, the horde of engorged insects coating his silvery flesh. The succubus twirls to a garden table in the middle of the ballroom as the metallic man’s bismuth bones crunch audibly. With difficulty, he follows her and sits down. Some flies drop from his warped skin and splatter onto the dark floor like pus-filled balloons. The metallic man pleads with his lover.

     “I need youu. Stop hurrrting me. I love youu. Please. Please. Please stop.” A particularly large and ugly fly attempts to cram itself into his mouthhole. The metallic man grabs the fly and crushes it in his mangled fingers. He spits and raves incoherently for several seconds. The succubus sits across from him and smiles prettily, so the metallic man rises and throws the table aside with inhuman strength, rips open his lover’s chest, and crushes her heart. He feels the ocean of her blood erupt between his mangled digits.

     The metallic man clutches at his chest and looks down. His own heart is exposed, its fatty yellows and lifeblood reds melting into each other like hot gelatin. The flies multiply like pathogenic amoebas and swarm round him while he tries to keep his left ventricle from oozing through his fingers. But he is powerless to stop the feast. The obese horseflies slip proboscises into his thoracic cavity and drain the gelatin away before they die, twitching on their backs.

     The metallic man searches for a door out of the ballroom. But no door can be found and he is trapped with the unbearable stench of rotting blood. The metallic man raves gibberish and flails about and falls to his knees by the remains of his love, weeping tears of molten gold. He cries continuously for nine hundred and ninety seven hours without once falling into sleep. At last, the metallic man gathers the cooling droplets of gold and assembles them, one by one, into a slim rocketship. He opens the hatch and climbs inside. By now, the beautiful succubus has risen. Though her ribs are shattered, she is very much alive. The metallic man gazes at her longingly.

     “I love you forever and always.” He says, anguish clear in his voice. “But if we keep dancing, you will take me apart piece by piece.” The demon snarls like a rabid dog and turns away. Then the metallic man presses a button and his rocketship punches through the ballroom’s ceiling, carrying him to uncharted skies.

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