Index of Blog Posts

(1) Useful Equations Glossary

(2) List of Exciting Fields

(3) Understanding the Hippocampus Visually

(4) Notes on Topology

(5) Emotion as a Property of Information Part 1: The Physical Basis for Panpsychism

(6) List of Proposed New Fields

(7) Notes on Neocortical Interneurons

(8) Emotion as a Property of Information Part 2: Engineering Joy

(9) Night of Cosmic Dreams: Poem 1

(10) Notes on: A Topological Representation of Branching Neuronal Morphologies

(11) My Digital Art Sampling

(12) Notes on: Universal resilience patterns in complex networks

(13) Rational Romanticism

(14) Notes on Nucleic Acid Bioconjugation

(15) Night of Cosmic Dreams: Poem 2

(16) Notes on Medicinal Chemistry

(17) Cyberbiology

(18) Experimental Poetry: Machine Children

(19) Night of Cosmic Dreams: Poem 3

(21) Flash Fiction: Lost in Sensorium

(22) Global Highlights in Neuroengineering (2006-2018)

(23) 10 Fascinating Journal Papers

(24) Method for m-Dimensional Integration

(25) Nine Answers from Logan Thrasher Collins (Interview)

(26) Modeling global influences on networks by embedding them in manifolds

(27) Night of Cosmic Dreams: Poem 4

(28) Notes on Dynamical Systems

(29) Towards Simulating the Human Brain

(30) Notes: Drosophila’s View on Insect Vision (Borst, 2009)

(31) Night of Cosmic Dreams: Poem 5

(32) Digital Art: Drosotronica

(33) Notes on: Differential Geometry

(34) The Sonata Machine (Published in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine)

(35) Journal article summaries: nanowires and nanoparticles in the nervous system

(36) Neuroecologies: an imperative to merge our technology and environment

(37) Towards an objective theory of morality

(38) Notes on Graph Theory

(39) Notes on Quantum Mechanics

(40) Notes on Upconversion Nanoparticles

(41) Existential Purpose: an Engineering Perspective

(42) Art: The Octopoid Occupation

(43) Notes on the Drude Model

(44) Neuraweb (published in Abyss & Apex Magazine)

(45) Notes on Abstract Algebra

(46) Algebraic Graph Mappings

(47) Panpsychic epistemology: a physical basis for knowledge and justification

(48) Global Highlights in Neuroengineering 2005-2018

(49) Notes on Banach and Hilbert Spaces

(50) Notes on two-photon microscopy

(51) apotheosis of biosphere (poem)

(52) Kosmik Kaleidoscope (poem)

(53) Notes on – Observing the cell in its native state: imaging subcellular dynamics in multicellular organisms (Betzig et al.)

(54) Notes on neural mass models

(55) The case for emulating insect brains using anatomical “wiring diagrams” equipped with biophysical models of neuronal activity

(56) Interesting Lab Websites

(57) Topics of Interest

(58) Notes on computer architecture

(59) Towards whole-brain emulation: a flowchart with proposed steps

(60) Design of a De Novo Aggregating Antimicrobial Peptide and a Bacterial Conjugation-Based Delivery System (journal article)

(61) Notes on Honeybee Sensory Neurobiology

(62) Notes on nanoparticle self-assembly

(63) Notes on fiber biomechanics

(64) Notes on wave optics

(65) Relinquish / Metamorph – published in 365tomorrows

(66) NeuroTechX Webinar on Insect Brain Emulation

(67) Notes on phasors in electrical engineering

(68) The Neon Hymenopterans

(69) Global Highlights in Neuroengineering 2005-2018

(70) Notes on RNA-seq

(71) Queen of the Universe (published in Aphelion Webzine)

(72) Nueva Shikaga, Gorgeous Geometries, cyberjinn (published in Altered Reality Magazine)

(73) Kosmos/Bios/Electronicos – a digital art gallery

(74) Notes on nanoparticle physics

(75) Global Highlights in Neuroengineering August 2005 to April 2019

(76) Notes on x-ray physics