Index of Blog Posts

(1) Useful Equations Glossary

(2) List of Exciting Fields

(3) Understanding the Hippocampus Visually

(4) Notes on Topology

(5) Emotion as a Property of Information Part 1: The Physical Basis for Panpsychism

(6) List of Proposed New Fields

(7) Notes on Neocortical Interneurons

(8) Emotion as a Property of Information Part 2: Engineering Joy

(9) Night of Cosmic Dreams: Poem 1

(10) Notes on: A Topological Representation of Branching Neuronal Morphologies

(11) My Digital Art Sampling

(12) Notes on: Universal resilience patterns in complex networks

(13) Rational Romanticism

(14) Notes on Nucleic Acid Bioconjugation

(15) Night of Cosmic Dreams: Poem 2

(16) Notes on Medicinal Chemistry

(17) Cyberbiology

(18) Experimental Poetry: Machine Children

(19) Night of Cosmic Dreams: Poem 3

(21) Flash Fiction: Lost in Sensorium

(22) Global Highlights in Neuroengineering (2006-2018)

(23) 10 Fascinating Journal Papers

(24) Method for m-Dimensional Integration

(25) Nine Answers from Logan Thrasher Collins (Interview)

(26) Modeling global influences on networks by embedding them in manifolds

(27) Night of Cosmic Dreams: Poem 4

(28) Notes on Dynamical Systems

(29) Towards Simulating the Human Brain

(30) Notes: Drosophila’s View on Insect Vision (Borst, 2009)

(31) Night of Cosmic Dreams: Poem 5

(32) Digital Art: Drosotronica

(33) Notes on: Differential Geometry

(34) The Sonata Machine (Published in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine)

(35) Journal article summaries: nanowires and nanoparticles in the nervous system

(36) Neuroecologies: an imperative to merge our technology and environment

(37) Towards an objective theory of morality

(38) Notes on Graph Theory

(39) Flash Fiction: Leila Tessala Krikata

(40) Notes on Quantum Mechanics

(41) Notes on Upconversion Nanoparticles

(42) Existential Purpose: an Engineering Perspective

(43) Art: The Octopoid Occupation

(44) Notes on the Drude Model

(45) Neuraweb (published in Abyss & Apex Magazine)

(46) Notes on Abstract Algebra

(47) Algebraic Graph Mappings

(48) Panpsychic epistemology: a physical basis for knowledge and justification

(49) Global Highlights in Neuroengineering 2005-2018

(50) Notes on Banach and Hilbert Spaces

(51) Notes on two-photon microscopy

(52) apotheosis of biosphere (poem)

(53) Only a demon could love the man made from metal (flash fiction)

(54) Kosmik Kaleidoscope (poem)

(55) Notes on – Observing the cell in its native state: imaging subcellular dynamics in multicellular organisms (Betzig et al.)

(56) Notes on neural mass models