List of Exciting Fields

Some exciting/beautiful/inspiring topics to explore!

Abnormal psychology, aerospace engineering, aesthetics, affective neuroscience, algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, algorithms, algorithmic art and writing, American education system, American government, amygdala, arachnology, architecture, arthropod neurobiology, artificial intelligence, artificial superintelligence, astrochemistry, auditory neurobiology, Bayesian statistics, biochemical engineering, biochemistry, bioconjugates, bioelectronics, bioengineering, bioethics, biomaterials, biomathematics, biomedical imaging, biomimetic architecture, biomimetics, bionics, biophysics, biopunk, brain-computer interfaces, category theory, cell signaling, cellular biomechanics, Christian demonology, civil engineering, cliodynamics, cognitive neuroscience, combinatorics, complex analysis, complex geometry, complex manifolds, complex networks, computational biology, computational chemistry, computational neuroscience, computational protein engineering, computer architecture, connectomics, contemporary American poetry, contemporary installation art, control theory, cosmology, cybernetics, cyberpoetry, cyberpunk, developmental biology, developmental neurobiology, differential equations, differential geometry, differential topology, digital art and graphic design, digital filtering, DNA nanotechnology, Dubai, dynamical network models, dynamical systems, ecological engineering, economic theory, economics, education, electrical engineering, electrochemistry, electronica, electronic communication systems, electrostatics, entrepreneurship, epigenetics, epistemology, experimental art, experimental poetry, F. Scott Fitzgerald, femtotechnology, fluorescence microscopy, Fourier analysis, fractional calculus, future studies, gender and sexuality, gender theory, general relativity, geoengineering, gifted education, gifted psychology, graph theory, graphic novels, group theory, healthcare, herpetological neurobiology, herpetology, Hindu demonology, history of science, human physiology, human sexuality, hypercomplex manifolds, immunology, in vitro meat, information geometry, information theory, inorganic biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, insect-based robotics, integral equations, intellectual property law, intelligence, Islamic demonology, Japan, Japanese education system, Judaic demonology, linear algebra, literary science fiction, logic, macroeconomics, malaria, materials science, mathematical neuroscience, mathematical statistics, MATLAB, Matrioshka brains, mechanics of materials, megascale engineering, metabolic engineering, microeconomics, microscopy, molecular dynamics, MRI, myrmecology, nanopunk, nanotechnology, neurobiology of learning and memory, neurochemistry, neurogeometry, neuroimmunology, neuromorphic electronics, NEURON, neuropharmacology, neuroscience, NMR, ologs, ontology, optimization, optogenetics, organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, partial differential equations, personality disorders, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, philosophy of technology, photovoltaics, physical chemistry, physical panpsychism, poetry writing, political science, polymer chemistry, polymer physics, prefrontal cortex, premotor cortex, probability, psychology, public speaking, Python, quantitative human physiology, quantum chemistry, quantum chemistry, quantum field theory, robotics, romanticism, sensorimotor cortex, sensory neurobiology, Shanghai, signal processing, smooth manifolds, social media, social movements, sociology, soil chemistry, solid-state physics, speculative poetry, speleology, statistical thermodynamics, structural biology, supercomputer architecture, surgery theory, Systems biology, systems ecology, tensors, the Enlightenment, theoretical computer science, thermodynamics, tissue engineering, tomography, topological dynamics, topology, ultrasound, urban ecology, urban planning, utilitarianism, virtual reality, world politics, writing science fiction novels, X-ray microtomography

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