Publications by Logan Thrasher Collins

First-Author Scientific Journal Articles

1. Design of a De Novo Aggregating Antimicrobial Peptide and a Bacterial Conjugation- Based Delivery System

2. The case for emulating insect brains using anatomical “wiring diagrams” equipped with biophysical models of neuronal activity

3. Synthetic Biology Approaches for Engineering Next-Generation Adenoviral Gene Therapies

4. Elucidation of SARS-Cov-2 Budding Mechanisms through Molecular Dynamics Simulations of M and E Protein Complexes

5. Synthetic Biology Design as a Paradigm Shift toward Manufacturing Affordable Adeno-Associated Virus Gene Therapies


1. The Sonata Machine (Andromeda Spaceways Magazine)

2. Neuraweb (Abyss & Apex Magazine)

3. Nueva Shikaga (Altered Reality Magazine)

4. Gorgeous Geometries (Altered Reality Magazine)

5. cyberjinn (Altered Reality Magazine)

6. Glimmerglimpse (Mithila Review)

7. Electrocologies (Mithila Review)

8. Foreversong (Silver Blade Magazine)

9. The Sonata Machine Reprint (Altered Reality Magazine)

Science Fiction

1. Relinquish / Metamorph (365tomorrows)

2. Queen of the Universe (Aphelion)

3. Honeybee and the Blot (Theme of Absence)

4. Events after the life of Edgar (The Centropic Oracle)

5. Mahabbah (After Dinner Conversation)

6. Oddballs (Across The Margin)

7. The Incandescence of Her Simulacrum (Zooscape)

8. Honeybee and the Blot Reprint (Metastellar)

9. Le Saga Electrik (All Worlds Wayfarer)

10. Le Saga Electrik Reprint (Altered Reality Magazine)

11. The Gardener’s Dilemma (Silver Blade Magazine)


1. Deploying artificial genes to overcome antibiotic resistance (TEDxMileHigh)

2. Rational Romanticism (DaVinci Institute)

3. The case for insect brain emulation (Princeton Envision Conference)

4. Simulation of SARS-CoV-2 envelope assembly to help develop treatments for COVID-19 (IEEE InTech Forum) 

5. Logan Thrasher Collins talks to us about synthetic biology, aesthetics, and his research (Futurati Podcast)

6. Our Technologies Protect Your Health: an introduction to Conduit (A Mother’s Kiss: COVID-19 Fundraiser for Testing)


1. Structural Brain Mapping Using Antibody-Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles and X-ray Microscopy (undergraduate honors thesis; CU Scholar)

2. Towards Simulating the Human Brain (Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science)

Links to most of these publications are also available on my main page

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